• SqlChartify is a cloud IDE for SQL developers for embedding charts made with ChartJS in your web apps.
  • Connects to your SQL Server databases. MySQL and PostgreSQL support coming.
  • Visibility and control of dashboard SQL. Your customers want dashboards, but you don't want to embed the SQL in your applications.
  • You want your BI developers to contribute queries so your dev team can focus on embedding.
  • $150/month or $1,500/year.
  • Fully-functional 30-day trial. No credit card needed to register.
  • Unlimited users in your workspace.

Write queries,
get charts

  • Edit SQL and see your chart preview on one page.
  • Embed in your apps with my .NET API client or JavaScript.
  • If you don't need a full chart, but rather just the data as json, that's fine too.
  • Great SQL parameter support! Use optional parameters, and bind directly to web query string fields.
  • Use the legend feature to apply consistent colors across different charts.
  • Complete change history of everything, and diff view of changes. Permission controls.
  • Great for multi-tenant apps that need to filter by customer.
Currently in alpha, with a lot of rough edges. If interested, please reach out to me to see if I can support your use case.